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Capstone employer information

Get the most out of our program

The Capstone Study Project partners provide host organizations with top-level students registered in Faculty of Business and Information Technology programs. The students receive an opportunity to gain real-world learning experience through solving a physical, hands-on business issue. Host organizations have, at their disposal and competitive advantage, a selection of students with skills and knowledge within various areas of concentration relevant to core business growth, such as

Business and finance

  • accounting
  • commerce
  • entrepreneurship
  • finance
  • human resources
  • marketing
  • operations and supply chain management

Information technology

  • enterprise management
  • information technology audits
  • information technology security
  • networking and infrastructure
  • technology management

Game development

  • business simulation modeling
  • game design
  • game development and entrepreneurship
  • game production management
  • game programming
  • virtual reality

How capstone benefits you

The capstone program not only provides students with the opportunity to gain direct knowledge and understanding, but also delivers consulting services at no physical cost. In turn, this break in bottom-line expenditure allows host organizations to provide a value-added experience that students can apply in the real world, and to capitalize on advantageous benefits through:

  • Exposure to a preferential group of candidates who can apply practical theory and skills in specialized areas of study.
  • Application of critical resources toward other business operations, which will enable students to concentrate on solving a business issue, where time and expenses may not currently allow.
  • Significant advantages of access to cutting-edge knowledge and trends relevant to competing in your respective industry.
  • Valuable access to a pool of top academic achievers who are well-suited to fit specific projects based on a best-fit model that keeps time-bound projects top of mind.
  • Avenues to receiving fresh ideas, providing a means to making vital strategic decisions.
  • Develop strong partnerships with the university's faculty and students that contribute to your success.
  • Assist in shaping and mentoring future business leaders.
  • Convenience of tapping into a wealth of research analysis, performed on site by students.
  • First-hand exposure to potential employees that meet your organizational business needs.
  • Invest in your organization’s future by capitalizing on academic knowledge combined with real business experience.
  • Leverage learned experiences to solve key business issues.
  • Integrate skills to stay competitive in your industry.