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Management Science and Quantitative Methods Faculty

Asifa Aamir, MBA, MPhil, MSc

Associate Teaching Professor
Information Systems, Mathematics
  • Information systems and technologies
  • Business Processes and IT
  • User Experience
  • Human-Computer Interface
  • Instructional technologies
  • Scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL)
  • Hybrid/blended learning

Nader Azad, PhD

Assistant Professor
Operations Management
  • Supply Chain Risk Management
  • Logistics
  • Sustainable Supply Chain
  • Game Theory
  • Large-Scale Optimization

michael b, dean

Michael Bliemel, PhD

Professor of Management Information Systems
  • business analytics
  • data literacy
  • digital transformation
  • e-business
  • experiential learning
  • human-computer interaction
  • management information systems
  • business process innovation
  • enterprise systems

Ana Duff

Ana Duff, PhD

Assistant Teaching Professor

Ana Duff

Amin Ibrahim, PhD

Program Director - Management Science and Quantitative Methods
Associate Teaching Professor
  • evolutionary computation
  • multi- and many-objective optimization
  • high-dimensional visualization
  • machine learning
  • applied optimization

Associate Professor

Stephen Jackson, PhD

Associate Professor
  • Behavioral information security
  • Digital transformation
  • Electronic business
  • Electronic government
  • Enterprise systems implementation
  • Human behavior and information systems
  • Management information systems
  • Organizational culture

Associate Professor

Fletcher Lu , PhD

Associate Professor
Information Technology
  • mobile fitness
  • cybercrime
  • insurance fraud
  • reinforcement learning
  • data analytics

Stephen Marsh, technology management

Stephen Marsh, PhD

Program Director - Technology Management
Associate Professor of Trust Systems
Information Technology
  • Privacy, including Public Privacy
  • Computational Trust, Forgiveness and Regret
  • Computational Wisdom
  • Slow Computing
  • Democracy
  • Security (in a very broad sense)
  • Small Data

Stephen Marsh, technology management

Carolyn McGregor AM, PhD, BAPPSC, SMIEEE (Research Leave)

Research Excellence Chair; Canada Research Chair in Health Informatics (Alumni)
  • Big Data analytics
  • event stream processing
  • temporal data mining
  • business process modelling
  • cloud computing
  • health informatics
  • critical care informatics
  • neonatal informatics
  • resilience assessment and development
  • space medicine

Amir Rastpour

Amir Rastpour , PhD

Assistant Professor
Operations Management
  • stochastic models
  • queueing theory
  • statistics
  • big data analytics

Karthik Sankaranarayanan

Karthik Sankaranarayanan, PhD

Associate Professor
Operations Management

Alexander Serenko

Alexander Serenko, PhD

Associate Professor
  • scientometrics, knowledge management, implicit cognitive processes