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  • Refereed Book Chapters
    1. Williams-Bell, F, M., McGregor, C., 2021, “Firefighter Personnel and their Activities in Extreme Environments”, in Engineering and Medicine in Extreme Environments, Springer, in press
  • Refereed Conference Papers
    1. Vyas, K., McGregor, C., 2018, “The Use of Heart Rate for the Assessment of Firefighter Resilience: a Literature Review”, 2nd IEEE Life Sciences Conference, Montreal, Canada, pp 259-262
  • Refereed Abstract
    1. Williams-Bell, F. M., McGregor, C., Bonnis, B., 2019, “Heart Rate responses of Pre-Service Firefighters during Simulated Cold Environment Activities”, 10th Annual Military and Veteran Health Research Forum, Ottawa, Canada, pp 41-42
    2. McGregor, C., Williams-Bell, F. M., Bonnis, B., 2018, “Using Streaming Big Data for Resilience Assessment within Pre-service Firefighter Extreme Condition Training”, 9th Annual Military and Veteran Health Research Forum, Regina, Canada