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Current AI4HW Students


Adam Pinos, MHSc., PhD Student

Degree: Doctor of Philosophy, Health Informatics
Research Area: Integration of AI technology with simulation for resilience assessment in  mental healthcare field


Jennifer Yeung, P.Eng, MSc., PhD Student

Degree: Master of Science, Computer Science
Research Area: Integrating Countermeasure Data in Space Medicine Decision Support Systems


Tobias Cibis, Cotutelle PhD Student

Degree: Doctor of Philosophy, Computer Science
Research Area: Mathematical modeling, simulations and machine learning in medicine and life sciences


Rachit Desai, MHsc. Student

Degree: Masters of Health Sciences, Health Informatics
Research Area: Using Monitor Derived Physiological Data to
Predict Anemia in Neonates


Tina Cloutier - MHSc. Student


Scott Orr - PhD Student


Leila Farsi - MHSc. Student