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Security, Artificial Intelligence, and Networks Lab (SAIN Lab)

Julie Thorpe, PhD, Ying Zhu, PhD and Amirali Abari, PhD founded the Security, Artificial Intelligence, and Networks Lab (SAIN Lab) in 2017. The SAIN Lab performs applied, multidisciplinary, and innovative research on networks, computer systems, data, and intelligent decision systems. Our research touches many vibrant and exciting disciplines such as information security,  privacy,  artificial intelligence, application networks, and human computer interaction. Our motto is simple: “Do sane research at SAIN,” where sane research is defined as impactful research that enhances the daily lives of people, nations, and organizations, as well as being the foundation of other impactful research and development.   Lab members have access to high-performance GPU servers, high-performance traditional servers, and web servers.   Members also have access to the Human-Centred Computing Lab for running studies with human subjects. 

Research areas include:

  • Information Security and Privacy
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Application Networks
  • Network Science
  • Recommendation Systems
  • Usable Security

Visit the SAIN Lab website here.