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Commerce Major and Minor Information

Some students apply into a major upon admission to Ontario Tech via their OUAC application, while others choose to apply to the general Commerce degree. Students who enter into general Commerce may apply into a major before entering year 3 of the program. Students that were admitted into a major may also apply to change majors during this time.
Course requirements and descriptions for each major and minor can be found in the Academic Calendar. Program maps for each major and the general degree can be found on the program map page of the FBIT website.
Major applications must be submitted through the online Change of Program form on MyOntarioTech no later than March 31st.


What are the academic requirements to major/minor in a BCom program?

What are the available BCom minors?

What is the Standing policy for BCom major/minors

In order to remain in a major/minor, students must hold a minimum 2.0 cGPA (or 2.3 for the Accounting major/minor). Students falling below a 2.0 (or 2.3 in the case of Accounting), will be enrolled in the General Commerce program. Most upper year Accounting courses have a minimum final grade pre-requisite of a C to progress in the major, however, BUSI 3130U and BUSI 3110U require a C+ grade in each of BUSI 1130U, BUSI 2130U, and BUSI 2180U.

How do I apply for my Major?

If you are already in a major and wish to stay in that major, please DO NOT apply. You can verify your are in a major on your Unofficial Academic Transcript in your MyOntarioTech account. 




How do I apply for a minor?

Frequently Asked Questions

It remains the responsibility of the student to ensure that they complete all of the required components of their degree.