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Islamic Culture

Embark on an enlightening journey into the vibrant tapestry of Islamic traditions and culture with this fascinating XBIT Project. Led by the head of the Islamic Centre of Oshawa, Imam Shakir, this immersive experience is tailored to captivate your curiosity and provide an in-depth understanding of the rich heritage of Islam. Discover the magic of Ramadan, exploring the profound rituals and communal spirit that define this sacred month. Dive into the jubilant celebrations of Eid and unlock the mysteries behind the spiritual pilgrimage of Hajj. Uncover the secrets of important religious sites and delve into the fascinating history they hold. Let our Imam be your guide on this cultural odyssey, ensuring you not only gain knowledge but also develop a profound respect and appreciation for the Islamic faith. Don't miss this unique opportunity to broaden your horizons and foster cross-cultural understanding!


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Program Details

Program Details


Business and IT



Oshawa Islamic Centre


Time and Duration

27th February 2024





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