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Why choose internship?

In an effort to provide continued support and insight to our current and prospective students, as well as prospective employers, we endeavour to stay connected with student internship participants. From past feedback and experiences, you can gather further information on the internship program and all it has to offer. Some of our past students were hired on with companies they completed their internship with, a few pursued international internships and others were successful in pursuing their own opportunities.

Below you will find testimonials from students in the Bachelor of Commerce program sharing their respective thoughts and experiences. From feedback we received, students have found the internship opportunity beneficial in reinforcing their decisions to move forward in their chosen career path. Here's what they had to say:

Video testimonials

Meet Jessica

Jessica is pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce, with specialization in Accounting. The hands-on, practical experience she gained during her internship with Roberts, Marlowe, Jackson, Jackson & Associates, a small chartered accounting and business advisory firm, exposed her to new applications and the personal tax environment. She was also able to increase her understanding of the standard of excellence required in the accounting profession. The overall internship experience reinforced Jessica's decision to move forward in her chosen career path. 

Other testimonials

Meet Helen

Helen currently majors in Accounting, in the Bachelor of Commerce program. Her accounting and assurance internship experience with global company BDO Canada LLP highlighted the diverse pathways the accounting profession can take you across multiple business sectors. Helen learned key concepts and was exposed to corporate and personal tax environments and the financial reporting process. Her experiences armed her with the skills, knowledge and validation to choose a career she intends to pursue in the near future.

Interning in the auto industry

"I am currently in the Accounting program, going into my fourth year. I did my internship at Owasco, a very large car dealership with five different divisions that is expanding. Overall, interning at Owasco was a good experience for me as I learned many things about not just the car industry, but also accounting and the office environment. Moving forward, I think I may even be a better a student because of this exposure, particularly if I decide to work for a non-accounting firm."
- Connor, third-year Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) student

Acquiring high-level exposure

"I am a fourth-year student in the Bachelor of Commerce program (Accounting). My four-month internship experience at BDO Canada LLP in Toronto gave me the skillsets and knowledge I need to pursue my professional accounting designation. The practical work experience I received in a mid-sized branch afforded me the opportunity to get high-level exposure in the audit and tax fields, improving my proficiency and overall development."   
Sammy, fourth-year Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) student

Benefits of a boutique internship

"I did my internship at Kriens-LaRose, LLP, a chartered professional accounting firm in downtown Toronto, Ontario, that mainly focuses on auditing and taxation for non-profit organizations. During my internship I was involved with the auditing assurance team, which exposed me to the critical areas of auditing and tax accounting, as I was directly involved in pre/post-audit planning and fieldwork. Exposure to other elements, such as bookkeeping and corporate taxation for the non-profit industry, has increased my understanding of the work required to be an accountant. Overall, working in a small boutique firm was a wonderful experience as it provided greater one-on-one communication with the partners and team members, and when meeting new clients. I look forward to my next work term."   
- Fathima, third-year Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) student.

Real-world experience vs. theory

"I am an Accounting major at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology. I did my internship this past winter at Turner Moore LLP, a licensed public accounting firm that offers a wide-range of services to clients, from investment to business advisory to controllership. During my term, I did mostly bookkeeping, taxes, payrolls and T-slips. This really helped me make a connection between theoretical material we learned in class and practical training in the real world. In doing this, I was able to see what it's actually like to be an accountant in the real world, and how to prepare myself for going out there. I am much more confident in my abilities to do that now, having done the internship course."
- Christine, Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) student

A hands-on, impactful experience

"I am an Accounting major at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology. I did my internship at Janet McGhee, a Chartered Professional Accountant firm in Port Perry. A sole proprietorship and small-firm environment afforded me an amazing experience. I received a broader understanding of personal taxes and related requirements. The internship taught me that attitude and aptitude within a business setting is crucial and valuable for every student to learn and apply to their real-world work experiences. I believe the hands-on learning experience is very important, as opposed to just learning based on what we have read in class. For me, it was definitely a very hands-on, impactful experience."   
- Naajia, Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) student

The value of self-knowledge

"I had a chance to do an internship at Janet McGhee over the Winter term where I learned a lot about myself. I had the opportunity to apply everything that I learned in school to my practical learning. Overall, it was a good experience for me. Internship is a very good opportunity for anyone pursuing a designation in accounting in the future while experiencing the real world."
- Mujtaba, Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) student

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