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Work in a Movie

Movies. We all love them. They move us, they influence us, they inspire us, and they come in all forms. Not to mention, there's bingeable TV shows, mind-blowing music videos and commercials that make us inexplicably cry every time we see them (looking at you Sarah McLaughlan's 2007 PSA for animal cruelty). Filmmaking - no matter what the format, genre or style - is a practice in storytelling. It's a modern way to communicate and pushes the bounds of creativity. Whether you love watching TikToks, Netflix specials, or the next Christopher Nolan banger, there's something for everybody.

Come and learn about what it takes to make your own stories through film. You will learn how to develop ideas, experiment and explore film style, learn how to prep and execute a shoot of your own over a one week intensive, and you will get a primer on what the current film industry looks like. Take the plunge and experience this five day film challenge. It's an art, it's a science, it's business - it's a whole lot of things. But ultimately, it's showbiz, baby!

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Business and IT



Sara ALfaro


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