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International Education

Study and work abroad!

The Faculty of Business and Information Technology (FBIT) offers students international study and work opportunities to take their future employability to the next level.

Opportunities include:

Full-Term Exchange
International internships


Depending on the chosen program, you can gain international work experience at the same time as earning course credits.

This is an experience of a lifetime! Our programs are designed to be both challenging and enriching and give our students the competitive edge needed in today’s globally engaged world. In addition to cultivating strong life skills, our international programs provide students will an opportunity to develop international business and professional skills while working, studying and living abroad. 

FBIT continuously works to develop exchange and internship partners from around the world to offer our students a unique international experience to complement their academic studies. We believe the international study and work opportunities provide students with an extraordinary educational experience that will increase their career options and international networking opportunities, creating well-developed students who are fully prepared for employment in the 21st century.

Our faculty believes in the internationalization of higher education. We support and participate in both faculty and student mobility.