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Beyond the Bounce: Basketball Tactics and Strategy

Unleash your passion for basketball with our immersive program designed exclusively for young adults seeking to deepen their understanding of the game. "Beyond the Bounce" goes beyond the basics, transforming enthusiasts into savvy basketball connoisseurs.

Ever wondered about the magic behind a flawless pick and roll? Discover the artistry of this strategic play and learn how it turns the tide of a game. From zone defenses that baffle opponents to perfectly executed passes that leave defenders in awe, our program delves into the subtleties that make basketball a captivating dance of skill and strategy.

Ignite your basketball passion and gain an insider's perspective on the subtleties that make the game truly exceptional. Whether you're a casual fan or an aspiring player, "Beyond the Bounce" promises to elevate your basketball IQ and deepen your appreciation for the sport.  Don't just watch; understand the game on a whole new level.

Program Details


Business and IT



CRWC, Ontario Tech North Campus 


Time and Duration

March 18th, 2024






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