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Understanding Opera (Coming Soon)

In most recent years, Opera has increased its awareness of human rights issues as well as the importance to remain relevant in an ever changing world. For example, I was selected to work on a new work that involves BIPOC. This would have never happened in 1998, when I graduated. I am unable to disclose the work, however, I could once completed. With the recent war in Ukraine, opera companies throughout the world had to consider if the hired musicians were in support of the war, and some musicians saw their contracts nullified. Opera is more than pretty dresses and beautiful music. It has always had an impact in the overall economy and culture of its country.

Students would learn historical, practical, and importance of Opera within the theatrical, musical, and socio-economics. 
Hopefully, they will remember the professors who wanted to expand their awareness. There are several business jobs within an opera company. Sometimes, the artistic director might have input on the budget. Students might not "like" opera at first. However, in time, they might to attend one as part of entertaining business clients and it would be beneficial to have provided them with that first experience.

Program Details


Business and IT





Time and Duration

Fall 2023.



COC Tickets start at $55 per person. However, sometimes there are discounts for younger patrons.There maybe an additional cost for transportation and Snacks/meals which will be announced closer to the performance.




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