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The Ontario Tech Marketing Association (OTMA) is a student-run association at Ontario Tech University that seeks to promote opportunities for students at Ontario Tech. The OTMA strives to enhance the student experience by hosting social events, workshops, case competitions, and networking opportunities for those in the Marketing profession.

  • Events
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    Past events include:
    • Elements Case Competition
    • Internship Nights
    • Personal Branding Workshops
    • Personal Productivity Practices
  • How to get involved

    The OTMA allows OTU students to gain hands-on experience needed in their professional careers after their undergrad. It allows them to expand their network opportunities, strengthen their core communication and critical thinking skills, along with being introduced to the marketing industry.

    Those interested in getting involved or staying up to date with the OTMA are asked to join the general member list on our linktree or by completing the following google form

  • Sponsorship

    By sponsoring the OTMA, your company will get exposure to hundreds of university students interested in a marketing career, and more.

    If you are interested in sponsoring the Ontario Tech Marketing Association, please contact us through email.

Meet the team


Rida Farooqi


Binderiya Zayat


Saira Maqbool

Vice-President of Finance

Rebekka Reynolds

Vice-President of Marketing

Akilesh Shiamkumar

Vice-President of External Affairs

Maira Shaath

Chair of Events

Stephanie Pokupec

Event Coordinator

Asima Samam

Vice President of HR

Nikki Bhalla


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