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Strategy of Soccer

Soccer 2.0. While the world's most popular game is played in more than 200+ countries represented by FIFA Member Associations, the game continues to grow and advance in scope, reach and engagement. This course will allow participants the chance to build a closer relationship with the sport. The technical skills, the strategy, and tactics, the mental, and also the physical requirements now have many different layers. Participants will also learn about the basic technical components including passing, shooting, and dribbling, as well as basic tactical components like formations, with and without the ball. These same core areas combine to create the fan experience for those not actively participating on the pitch. Each day, fans are provided with new and exclusive inside access into the sport, through the extensive coverage and exposure of the sport on a global scale. This course will help the participant gain a better understanding of these areas, and the nuances of the sport. As participants continue to enjoy being an observer of the sport at any level, they will now better understand the ways as to how the game is played.


Program Details


Business and IT



Ontario Tech Campus 


Time and Duration

TBC 2023 - Subject to school calendar and timetable for students enrolled within the Faculty of Business and IT.



$40 Admission fee with an additional $10 for each group of students



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