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The internship program enables you to earn course credit by working full-time in the organizational behaviour and human resources (OBHR) field. 


You can apply for posted internship positions or find your own position and have it approved. You can intern domestically for a minimum of 12 weeks (420 hours) or internationally for a minimum of eight weeks (280 hours). Internships must be paid, full-time positions.

While on internship, you will complete coursework like weekly journals, comprehensive reports, or a poster presentation. After your internship, you will receive a final grade and credit.

You will be able to intern during the spring/summer after your second or third year. Interning is also available during the fall/winter of your third year or the fall of your fourth year. You may only complete one internship during your degree program. While on internship, you may take one other course per semester part-time at our university.

To qualify for the internship program, you must meet two criteria by your internship position start date:

  • Complete all of your first and second year core courses.
  • Have a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.0 (equivalent to a B or 73 per cent) in the semester during which you are hired.
    The OBHR internship program offers a number of benefits to students such as: 
    • It enables you to increase your OBHR knowledge by applying what you have learned in your courses to the workplace. 
    • It gives you a chance to gain real-world OBHR work experience, which can be added to your resumé and make them more employable.
    • It helps you develop and broaden your OBHR professional network through the relationships you build with your employer, co-workers and others. 
    • It enables you to try out the field of OBHR so you have a better idea of what area or position you would like to work in when you graduate. 
    • Though not a guarantee of the program, many students are hired back by their internship employers after graduation.    
    • When you intern in the spring/summer after your second or third year, you can get ahead in your coursework for subsequent years.
    To apply to the Faculty of Business and Information Technology internship program, you must first submit an Internship Application Form to the Academic advising offices located on the fourth floor of the Business and Information Technology Building. Once approved, you will be given access to search for positions that have been posted or you can find your own position and have it approved.