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Technology Management

technology managementOur Technology Management major offers a focus on information technology (IT) with a complementary set of business courses designed to meet the needs of today's technology-enabled economy. Our programs will develop your skills in data analytics information systems, change management, and data security. Our programs are designed to provide you with an innovative and market-driven curriculum, so you will be prepared to lead and succeed in the 21st-century workplace.

We are excited to launch our newest major, Technology Management, available for students in both our Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Information Technology degree programs.

A Technology Management major creates well-rounded individuals who can understand the worlds of both business and IT. Graduates will be able to communicate across traditional boundaries, taking a holistic view of how IT and business work together to make organizations and individuals more successful, aware, and secure.

The program offers a balance of business and information technology courses designed to meet the needs of today’s technology-enabled economy. You will develop skills in design thinking, business analytics, information systems, and IT security. You can benefit from exciting experiential learning opportunities including internship, capstone, and international exchanges. We will provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to become an effective project leader, supervisor, or manager in today’s ever changing business and technical environment.



  • BUSI 1520U Business Computer Applications
  • BUSI 1020U Business Communication
  • BUSI 1600U Management of the Enterprise
  • INFR 1100U Intro to Programming
  • BUSI 2500U Business Simulation & Analytics
  • BUSI 2550U Intro to Project Management
  • BUSI 1450U Statistics
  • BUSI 2603U Intro to Operations Management
  • BUSI 3550U Systems Analysis & Design
  • BUSI 3040U Information Systems
  • BUSI 4590U Topics in Technology Management
  • BUSI 4504U Business Intelligence & Data   Warehouses
  • INFR 4680U IT Security Policies & Procedures
  • BUSI 4040U Emerging Trends in Technology Management
  • BUSI 4570U Strategic Information Technology Management
  • INFR 4680U IT Security Policies & Procedures


  • Finance courses
  • Accounting courses
  • Economics courses


  • Algorithm courses
  • Cryptography courses
  • Database courses
  • HCI courses