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FBIT Research Excellence Award


The Faculty of Business and Information Technology (FBIT) Research Excellence Award recognizes excellence in research achieved by our faculty members. Up to two Research Excellence Awards are awarded annually, subject to budgetary approval.


All current tenured and tenure-track faculty members whose faculty of primary appointment is FBIT and who have been with the faculty for at least three years and have not received an FBIT Research Excellence Award or the university's Research Excellence Award in the last five years are eligible to be nominated. Nominations may be submitted individually or collectively by current or former tenured or tenure-track faculty members. Permission should be sought from the potential nominee before submission. Self-nominations are also accepted.

In addition, each nomination can be endorsed by two current or former FBIT faculty members. Endorsements can be obtained from any FBIT faculty members. However, faculty members may not endorse more than one nomination in each category.

Awards Categories

  • Early Stage Researcher: The primary goal of this category is to recognize an individual faculty member whose research over the 10 years since obtaining her/his doctoral degree is judged as outstanding by the selection committee.
  • Senior Researcher: The primary goal of this category is to recognize an individual faculty member whose research is acknowledged as outstanding by international standards and has brought recognition to the faculty.

Public recognition and value of the award 

Each award includes a plaque and $500 to be contributed to the award recipient’s internal research account. Each award winner will be announced on the FBIT research website. The will be expected to give a public presentation to the faculty and the broader community.

Selection process and award criteria

The selection committee will evaluate the candidates’ nominations using the same criteria as those used for the university's Research Excellence Award. These criteria are:

  • Scholarly accomplishments, such as research monographs, peer-reviewed articles, peer-reviewed conference proceedings, grants for scholarship, patents, and creative works (as defined in the university's collective agreement).
  • Research breakthrough acknowledged to be a major advance, influence or transformation.
  • Recognition for research accomplishments by professional societies.
  • Contribution to the training and research activity of students and post-doctoral fellows as applicable.
  • Impact of research on society.

Submission requirements

The nomination package must include:

  • completed nomination form
  • nomination letter
  • candidate’s curriculum vitae (CV)

Please contact the Dean’s office for more details about submission requirements and deadlines.