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Labs, Groups and Institutes


The Faculty of Business and Information Technology (FBIT) boasts a number of world-class research laboratories with infrastructure dedicated to conducting a unique blend of undergraduate and graduate research in a variety of research areas. Our faculty members are committed to research that can be translated to reality and continue to demonstrate this commitment through their research outcomes.

Research Groups

  • Business Analytics & AI Research Group
    The Business Analytics & AI Group is a research group focused on the scientific process of transforming data into insights for improving decision-making within business organizations. Researchers and students in the lab use a variety of advanced computational and statistical methods to investigate problems in marketing and operations management.
  • IMVR (Interactive Media and Virtual Reality) Research Group
    With the introduction of consumer-level and affordable virtual reality and augmented reality hardware, the need to understand how to create effective content in VR is crucial. Other than entertainment, VR has a wide variety of applications including training (medical, nuclear, military), simulation-based learning, rehabilitation, and more. Virtual reality research is prevalent across the entire institution at Ontario Tech with leading researchers independently advancing the state-of-the-art. The Interactive Media and Virtual Reality Research Group (IMVR) aims to bring together these experts to enhance collaboration.


  • Joint Research Centre in AI for Health and Wellness
    The Joint Research Centre in AI for Health and Wellness (AI4HW) is recognized internationally as an expert centre in using artificial intelligence and other advanced computing and information technology techniques to create new approaches to improve physical and mental health and wellness. A unique collaborative research centre between Ontario Tech University in Ontario, Canada, and the University of Technology Sydney, Australia, the Centre is also recognized for its expertise in the assessment and development of resilience and adaption in extreme environments, such as space, climates with extreme heat or extreme cold, extreme work environments such as the military, tactical officers and firefighters and critical care medicine. No similar innovative advanced prototyping and simulation environment to support next-generation health and wellness solutions exists in the world. The Centre utilizes and creates innovative approaches in big data analytics and artificial intelligences for the analysis of medical sensors and Internet of Things data. We demonstrate how to provision these new solutions in the cloud. We partner with the Ontario Tech ACE Facility to use controlled climates to develop innovative approaches to extreme climate acclimation.

    Services that AI4HW provides include physiological monitoring equipment design and testing, physiological data processing and analytical services, research studies in health, wellness, resilience and adaption, acclimation assessment and development to a range of climatic conditions.

    AI4HW is the home of Professor McGregor’s awarding-winning AI big data-based Artemis and Athena platforms and provides experiential learning for graduate and undergraduate students from a range of disciplines including computer science, engineering and health science to learn about and create innovative computing and information technology approaches. It contains intensive care unit equipment together with equipment to monitor astronauts in space such as the Astroskin used by CSA and NASA along with other devices to monitor first responders such as tactical officers and firefighters.

    You can find out more about the Centre at:
  • Institute for Cybersecurity and Resilient Systems

    The Institute for Cybersecurity and Resilient Systems at Ontario Tech University is a multi-disciplinary, global centre for cybersecurity research, innovation, teaching, and outreach.

    We explore and solve critical questions with research that has technological, financial, legal, ethical and social implications to privacy, security and trust.

    Collaborate with research experts and skilled student talent to advance innovation in cybersecurity.