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Labs, Groups and Institutes


The Faculty of Business and Information Technology (FBIT) boasts a number of world-class research laboratories with infrastructure dedicated to conducting a unique blend of undergraduate and graduate research in a variety of research areas. Our faculty members are committed to research that can be translated to reality and continue to demonstrate this commitment through their research outcomes.

Research Groups

  • Business Analytics & AI Research Group
    The Business Analytics & AI Group is a research group focused on the scientific process of transforming data into insights for improving decision-making within business organizations. Researchers and students in the lab use a variety of advanced computational and statistical methods to investigate problems in marketing and operations management.


  • Joint Research Centre in AI for Health and Wellness
    A unique collaborative research centre between Ontario Tech University in Ontario, Canada, and the University of Technology Sydney, Australia, the Joint Research Centre in AI Health and Wellness is recognized for its expertise in the assessment and development of resilience and adaption in extreme environments, such as space, climates with extreme heat or extreme cold, extreme work environments such as the military, tactical officers and firefighters and critical care medicine.