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Management Faculty

Rajen Akalu

Rajen Akalu, PhD

Assistant Professor
Business Law

Nelson Amaral, Assistant Professor

Nelson Amaral, PhD

Assistant Professor
  • cross-cultural consumer behaviour
  • luxury counterfeits
  • persuasion
  • marketing ethics
  • personal brand relationships

Serena Golchereh Sohrab

Serena Golchereh Sohrab , PhD

Assistant Professor
Organizational Behaviour and HR
  • diversity and inclusion
  • team decision making
  • crisis management


Mehdi Hossein-Nejad, MBA, PhD

Associate Dean, Academic Strategy
Associate Teaching Professor
Strategy and International Business


Ying (Annie) Jiang, PhD

Associate Professor
  • Consumer decision making
  • Consumer food consumption
  • Consumer new product adoption
  • Mobile marketing

Salma Karray

Salma Karray, MSc, PhD

  • operations research and marketing interface
  • supply chain management
  • retailing and channel management
  • marketing mix effectiveness
  • marketing decision models
  • movie marketing
  • marketing analytics
  • applications of artificial intelligence in business

Igor Kotlyar

Igor Kotlyar, PhD

Associate Professor
Organizational Behaviour and HR
  • simulations for evaluating soft skills
  • identification and development of high-potential employees
  • experiential learning
  • cognitions in the workplace
  • leadership
  • technology

Igor Kotlyar

Joseph Krasman, PhD

Associate Professor
Organizational Behaviour and HR
  • Feedback
  • Job satisfaction
  • Motivation
  • Trust
  • Stress
  • Personality

Amanda McEachern Gaudet

Amanda McEachern Gaudet, MBA

Assistant Teaching Professor, Experiential Learning

Theresa Miedema

Theresa Miedema

Program Director - Business Management Program
Student Affairs Co-ordinator, Associate Teaching Professor
Business Law and Ethics


Jeffrey Overall, PhD

Associate Professor
Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship
  • entrepreneurship
  • strategy
  • sustainability

Ashfakuddin Rubel

Ashfakuddin Rubel, PhD

Associate Teaching Professor
  • development economics
  • environmental economics
  • applied microeconomics (focus on gender, women empowerment)

William Thurber

William Thurber, MBA

Associate Teaching Professor

Wei Lin

Wei-Lin Wang, PhD

Assistant Professor

Terry Wu, PhD

  • International Business
  • Global Marketing
  • Marketing of Higher Education
  • North American Free Trade Agreement
  • International Trade Policy
  • Marketing of Smart Toys