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Bill Goodman


Statistics and Risk Management

Faculty of Business and Information Technology

Contact information

Business and Information Technology Building North Oshawa
2000 Simcoe Street North
Oshawa, ON L1G 0C5


Dr. William Goodman has conducted extensive research into the distribution of incident-outcome severities (magnitudes) in diverse applications—from industrial and radiological health and safety, to medication-administration errors, to comparisons of outcome-distributions for educational interventions. His core model for analyzing severe-outcome accidents has been applied commercially on data for organizations including:

  • Atomic Energy Control Board
  • Ault Foods
  • Bruce Nuclear
  • CANDU Owners Group
  • Health Canada
  • Ontario Hydro/Ontario Power Generation


  • Bachelor of Arts University of Waterloo in Ontario
  • Master of Arts (Masters Gold Medal) University of Waterloo in Ontario
  • PhD University of Waterloo in Ontario

Research and expertise

  • applied statistics and statistical literacy
  • evaluation of educational technology
  • knowledge representation and decision modeling
  • risk assessment, perception and communication


  • Selected publications
    • Numerous papers on statistics and statistical literacy and on evaluations of educational simulations and innovations.
    • A statistics textbook for Nelson Education (Canada).
    • Articles and book chapters on critical thinking, theories of knowledge, and philosophies of science and education.
    • Educational software.
    • A large number of consultative reports.
    • Published memoir, drawing on Goodman’s philosophical explorations of meaning and coincidence, together with his lived experiences of chance, and his professional experiences teaching, writing, and consulting about risk.   

    View a partial list of Dr. Goodman's publications.